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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  August 7, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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amber alert issued in the homicide investigation underway in drexel hill. jennifer joyce will have live report from the scene in just a few moments. then, an autopsy revealing the mother found dead in a local park, was strangled, and now the search for her killer intensifies. what police now have that could be their secret to find hog is responsible. and then there is young woman, would like to be able to car a gun, on her college campus. for safety. why she says it is necessary?
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her particular case. anyone want to bring a quick picture with him before i bring out mickey or -- >> awesome, thank you so much. >> about to create time after lifetime for this couple coming up in the trend. >> 5:01. good morning, everybody, it is thursday, august 7th, 2014, and i know you probably have little sleep in your eye, maybe little drool coming out of your mouth, because it is early in the morning, wipe it off, sclerites, because it is thursday, sue. >> and 5:01. >> i know kerrey said all that because she was looking at me. >> oh, please. >> drool (laughing) i have a reason, of course, vocalist competition at the media theater last night. and we will announce who won, coming up a little later on in the show. it was great. let's take a look at our number. why, it is great. seasonal temperatures, low humidity, enjoy the weather today. it really is pretty nice, our
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cold front came through, northwesterly breezes out there, we have 69 degrees, 58% relative humidity, sunrise time 6:05. and northerly breeze at 10 miles an hour, really is delightful out there this morning. it is really cool in the poconos, where it is 51 yeast, at the shore, temperatures are in the 60s. so it is very pleasant morning, no more muggies, yesterday hi, yesterday's high, only made it to 82, we had a lot of cloud cover at times yesterday. and that cooler air moving in behind the front. eighty-five is our high today. mostly sunny, very nice. and tonight, we are down to 62 degrees, with clear skies, comfortable night, throw those windows open, and enjoy it while it lasts. so that's your foxcast, from the weather authority. good morning, cast. >> i good morning, sue serio, nice game for baseball game. this morning, harleysville pike shutdown right at cross road, down pole, down wires. fire police directing traffic. peco on the scene, ladies road, good alternates. looking ahead, right this
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second, burlington bristol bridge is going to be open. they are testing out the bridges this morning. that means close today traffic. chris, kerry? >> kacie, get to breaking news this morning. woman is dead after a gruesome attack in a drexel hill neighborhood and two boys are now missing after this incident. let's head out live to fox 29's jennifer joyce live at the scene, and jennifer, i just got the amber alert over my phone. >> and i was going to say, chris, just five, ten minutes ago, all every us standing outside the scene here heard our phones go off with the amber alert officially issued for 31 year old keith bellajonas, apparently traveling with two boys ages four and six. a woman in her 30's, was found dead inside of this drexel hill apartment here on the 200 block of abby terrace. now, the hunt, again, is on for 31 year old keith bellajonas. police say the man took off with two children, this roughly around 2:30 this morning. he is believed to be traveling in a dark gray, 2006 nissan
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pathfinder, with pennsylvania plates jdh-7477. again, police say, this is all around 2:30, that the woman was found dead inside of the upstairs apartment with gunshot wound to the head and possible stab wounds. police explain what they are hearing from neighbors at this point. >> one of the occupants heard the struggle, heard the shot, next thing you know, he hears a guy coming down with two little kids, we believe the ages of the kid are four to six, five and six, two little boys. one of the children states his mommy dead, his mommy dead. and out the door they go. >> reporter: there you heard police do believe that the two children belong to this couple who was married a few years ago, and again, this is who police are looking for, 31
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year old keith bellajonas, apparently on the run with the two children traveling in dark gray nissan pathfinder pennsylvania police jdh-7477. we did talk to neighbor off camera who said this couple has lived here for about a year or so. but they pretty much kept to themselves. anyone with any information on where keith bellajonas may be right now is urged to call 911. chris, kerry? >> let's just hope those kids are going to be okay, we will stray on top of the story of course. >> picture up on the website, as well l developing in camden, fire engulfing multi dwelling structure, crews called to the scene at sixth and spruce about 1:30 this morning, fire out about an hour later. we're not sure if anybody was inside when it broke out, but there haven't been any injuries reported so far. no word on the fire's cause. also, philadelphia police are investigating two overnight shootings, one man returned to the hospital, after being shot in the city's hunting park neighborhood. that will shooting happened a little after 11:00 last night near fourth and west wingahocking streets.
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victim shot in the stomach. no word on his current condition. police only have limited information so far about the shooter. then this second shooting happened in the city's cobbs creek neighborhood. police got the call, on the scene around the 5800 block of hatfield street. police say a 19 year old man was shot in each thigh. he was last reported in stable condition. this shooter has also not been arrested. >> 5:06. happening today, the body of two star general killed in afghanistan will be flown to the dover air base today. major general harold greene died tuesday, in a attack on military base near kobul. investigators say a man dressed in a afghan army uniform opened fire on the compound. fifteen other people including americans were hurt. green's body arrives in dover around 7:30 this morning. during his career, green and his family lived in carlisle, pennsylvania. his former neighbors say he was a big supporter of the community. >> and he was great soldier, and doing what great soldiers do. >> we shared war college time.
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we shared neighborhood time. and we got to know him in the year that harry was here, and then his wife and kids stayed on as our neighbors, and the kids went to the high school. so they were very much part of the community. green's family left the carlisle area shortly after his daughter graduated from high school. highest ranking officer to die in combat since 1970. >> 5:07 right now. police issued warning to women who live near penny park park. do not go out alone. there is a killer on the loose. steve keeley live outside of kerrey, on these detectives hunt for this killer, 50 plus hours straight working on this case, no motive has been found yet. her cell phone still not been found. her phone still not even been powered on since it was last on at 9:30 monday night when it last pink to the closest cell phone tower up in northeast philly, just half hour after connie murray left her home to go for her usual power walk. so was the phone taken in a robbery? and was she strangled simply for a cell phone and ear buds?
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or was that taken to make it look like a robbery? and maybe the murder was not even random, and done by someone she new for some reason detectives here still do not know. >> the only thing she did have on her was her cell phone. she had some headphones. neither one of them were at the scene. however, the scene is very densely populated, so we still have detectives, and we also are going to have uniform out there taking a look to see possibly, you know, during the struggle, is it there. but there is a possibility that it was taken berks we don't know as of yet. >> irrespective of this case, people should always be cautious. if you can run in pairs, run in pairs, if you walk, you can walk in pairs, walk in pairs. whether this turns out to be a homicide, heart attack, whatever it is, people should always take precaution. >> obviously a killer in the area, we will do everything we can to finds him, bring him to justice, but for right now my message would be if you are running late at night, always
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have somebody can you, if you don't have to run at night, don't run at night, run during the day. >> reporter: police found out through the autopsy that she was not raped. but detectives say the killer still left dna behind. they're not saying publicly what and where yet. but it could be skin or blood under the victim's fingernails, if she scratched the killer while being strangled it, could be hair, sal eve, a or even sweat. that will dna now being run through national dna data base, with so many samples from so many criminals across the country, that data base doesn't dispense results almost instantly, like you would expect most computers work these days, but the dna data base doesn't work that fast. the dna could be the key to this case. so could that cell phone if it is ever traced or found or sold or used again, and turned back on. or, chris, kerrey, police here hoping for something good old fashion in the murder investigations, that tip call from somebody, and the sit's put up 20,000 bucks reward for that. so, that may entice somebody to call if they know somebody, if somebody kept talking.
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and murderers, they'll tell you, homicide detectives tell you people who kill people always open up their mouth about it for some reason. >> they do, that's true, keeping our fingers crossed, as well, steve, thank you. 5:10. mantua new jersey woman believes that someone is trying to harm her pets following the poisoning of her rotweiler. one year old bella had to be euthanized there is was in april, after somebody put a bowl of antifreeze in her backyards. so this pet owner put up fence, and installed security camera. just two weeks ago she found food in her yard, that she didn't put there. and the camera captured some of it being thrown over the fence, but not the person who did it. she is now concerned for her other pets, a chihuahua, and another rotweiler. >> i found a meat bone, good size meat bone with meet in it thrown in my yard, last weekends a pigs foot in my yard, like fresh from the butcher, meat and everything. >> because of the history, and the prior event, we're, again, taking this as a credible act,
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and making sure that, you know, we will be in the area, and making sure that no other animals are hurt. >> reporter: police don't know if the april incident, this most recent one, are connected, but they are asking neighbors to be on the look-out and to report anything suspicious. >> 5:11 the time. let's do weather on the one's with sue serio. >> hi, today's weather at this time we'll focus on the "shorecast" for today. because it will be awfully pretty, everywhere, including the beach where the temperature will be around 80 degrees, winds out of the northwest at 10 miles an hour, 75 degrees surf temp, low to moderate rip countries being, we still have some left over effect from former tropical storm bertha. and aim for the uv index. reminder since doing the "shorecast", tomorrow, jenn fred will be spending her come back down the shore time and ocean city, she will be right there at the music pier, boardwalk, between 8:00 and ninth street. >> so make sure plans to join jen. there is your "shorecast" for
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today. and here's cast. >> i thanks, sue. checking back on this accident, this morning, we do have a lot going on this morning, let's hold on one secretary, bear with us. give us us a second, behind the scenes version whatever goes on. >> walt whitman bridge, to the plymouth boulevard, ongoing construction there. all-in-all, the rest of the majors are going to look fantastic. chris? >> kacie, thanks so much. time now 5:12. and prom night is really memorable for any teen. but this prom has a special twist. we'll take you to the heartwarming night straight
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>> # 15:00 is the time. man who battled debilitating syndrome all his life is doing everything he can to help others. his passion, helping people on transplant lists finds organ donors. as our lucy nolan reports, when this young new jersey man isn't doing, that he is shining the light on the syndrome he battles. >> this has been a long two years. >> i usually push myself to do whatever glike given his condition, patrick does a lot. >> i try and push myself to have a normal life as possible. >> when we first met the 25 year old from millville, new jersey in june he was waiting for a new kidney. going to dialysis, three times a week, was obviously taking a toll. >> i'm on a machine that filters my blood for four hours, usually i'll feel weak, tired afterward. >> sadly that wasn't the only
5:16 am
thing the rowan university junior was dealing with. he also has something called prune belly syndrome. >> it is very rare. it only happens in about one in 40,000 births, mainly males. >> syndrome leaves you with a partial or complete absence of abdominal muscle, so your belly ends up looking very much like a prune, hence, the name. it also affects the bladder, and the kidneys. >> kind of a rare case, because 20% don't make it past the age of one or two. and then after that it is another 30% that don't make it past the age of five. so roughly, 50% don't make it past the age of five. >> the rare disorder can also cause skeletal problems. >> i was sitting in my kitchen on the floor trying to get a pan from the bottom cabinet and when i stood up, the kneecap popped out of place. your bones start to get very brittle, because during the process of dialysis, in the only does it take out the bad
5:17 am
stuff, it can ends up taking out the good stuff too. >> reporter: despite spending three years on the transplant list, patrick has managed to take everything in stride. and he's made it his mission to educate anyone who will listen about prune belly syndrome. >> i don't like to just sit around, and just mope about it. i like to go out, do things. i don't like to feel that my condition is a disability. i like to just feel as just like something that's happened to mement and i won't let it hold me back. >> if he's not studying computer science, he's playing with his sister's dog, mini, or working on a facebook page, which is also dedicate today helping others finds organ donors. >> i just have my fate. >> reporter: while prune belly syndrome has no cure, patrick's prayers have been answer in the part, july 10th, he's finally received a new kidney. now comes recovery. and more hope for the future. >> i'm feeling 100% better.
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and i just feel like this is just a stepping stone to better things. that was fox 29's lucy nolan reporting. fairytale comes to life in montgomery county for everyone at variety club camp. >> yes. they got all dolled up. they danced the night away at their prom. they arrived to the big dance, the campus for kids for physical and developmental disability, looks like everybody had a fantastic time. >> like every prom, king and queen vote in the by their peers. this has a prom prince and princess, too, and all get a ride in the limo after the dance. how many great is that? camp staff and dozens of volunteers helped make last night a huge success, with limo, flowers, music, of course all free of charge. international researchers say that they've identified another gene that may greatly raise the risk every breast cancer, mutations in the left
5:19 am
common gene known as palb2 reportedly makes breast cancer up to nine times more likely to develop. scientists say the new gene is most dangerous after faulty brac genes. nearly five to 10 percent of breast cancers thought to be caused by bad genes. researchers say that older people with low levels of vitamin d double their risk of developing dementia and altzheimer ers, you can get it from supplement, sun he exposure, fish like salmon, tune, a along with eggs, milk, cheese. uk study recently published in the on line issue of neurology. also, researchers from st. louis university say it is actually possible to catch stress from other people. the study found that when people witnessed somebody else in a stressful situation, they became stressed, as well. and also, we're four times more likely to catch stress from loved one or friend. exercising, sleeping well, and good diet consideration help
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you avoid gaining stress from others. scientists in south korea say they found something cigarettes may be good for. they found a way to convert cigarette filth nears material that manufactures could use to store energy in computers. electric, wind turbines, performance is better than man too fact tour ers are using right now, people smoke, by the way, more than 5 trillion cigarettes around the world each year. a 20 year old dartmouth student says she may have to drop out of college because the ivy league school won't let her carry a gun. what do you think of this? terry woolwich said she lives in fear after man who has been stalking her since high school. but dartmouth police prohibit student friends caring weapons on campus. does have restraining order against this person, but this guy has violated it and is currently behind bars. but to be safer, she wants to
5:21 am
dari a -- car a gun. >> i understand but what do you do in this situation? timer -- time for weather, sue, what's going snob. >> i'm good. not a loft action in the weather department. you agree? that's a good thing. yep, because we have blue skies, sunshine in store for later on, once the sun is fully up. that will happen little bit after 6:00 this morning. see the sunset time there 8:08. we still have nice long days. >> walking around the neighborhood, you'll see people eating their lunch alfresco, outside. that's your planner for thursday. i know you love there is cast. >> i oh, i love it, thanks very much, sue. as we head out to the burlington bristol bridge, still open for them testing out the bridge this morning, that means close today traffic. aside from that the rest of the majors look fantastic. talking halloween, almost into the fall, right? this couple's first halloween
5:22 am
together, they dressed up as penguins. naturally penguin had to be involved in their proposal. , it is what happened after the proposal that let
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judge stock market showing signs every stabilizing finally. s&p 500, fraction of point in 1900. dow rose 14 points to 16,400, and nasdaq composite, rose two
5:25 am
points to 4300 yesterday. looking at the day ahead, labor department releasing report on the number of people who applied for unemployment benefits last week. also today, freddie mac is releasing this week's mortgage rates. bank of america is reportedly nearing settlement with the justice department it, could be worth about $17 billion. this is according to the associated press. the payment will resolve investigation into its role in the sale of mortgage back securities, before the financial crisis back in 2008. this would be the largest justice department settlement related to that economic crisis. >> walgreens has decided to ditch its plans to relocate its company headquarters to europe. the move was an effort to avoid paying billions of dollars in us taxes. it is known as corporate inch version. president obama called the plan un patriotic. now the base store company says they will stay put here in the u.s. amazon extended its same day delivery service to
5:26 am
include philadelphia. as of today, you can now order as late as noon and receive movies, video games, even back to school supplies by 9:00 p.m. so you order at noon at the latest, you get it that day, at 9:00. available seven days a week, you can select the get it today choice on the company's website to see what's available for the same day delivery service. >> got to be pricy. >> ya, but you get it that day. >> true. >> new audit shows the obama administration failed to account for how it spent hundreds of billions of dollars. >> government accountability office pick apart the website usa spending agency feeding the. information to the website. spends being contracts created out of 2006 transparency law. found it continues to have serious problems. the department of health and human services forced offender overall nearly 600, excuse me, $619 billion was not accounted for how it was spent. 5:26 right now.
5:27 am
strangers banding together in a train station to save another riders life. >> this video is insane. what he did moments after being rescued. >> and what would you do if you saw your car covered in sticky notes? doesn't seem like a prank you would want to pull on a police officer. why the cop's patrol car was
5:28 am
nelson: when i started high school in jersey city making it to the finish line seemed like a distant dream. mr. cunningham: i know how hard nelson works running track and he works just as hard in my honors class. nelson: i thought i wasn't good at history but mr. cunningham, he makes it come alive. now i'm heading to college-- and my teachers helped make that happen. mr. cunningham: we're not just teachers, we're mentors, and helping all our students realize their dreams is the best part of the job.
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>> a woman is dead, now police are looking for her husband who ran off with their two small children. amber alert has also been issued, chris. >> us army general killed in afghanistan, comes to the dover air force base, in delaware, this morning. but his neighbors in pennsylvania had to say about the fallen hero. >> and, wick a pediatric ya not into monkey business. striking up a lot of controversy this morning. >> good to have you with us, sue checking in on the weather, getting ready for the weekend, gearing up for nice weekend? i can promise you brighter weekend than last weekends. we weren't thrill with it, but it wasn't horrible either. see what we have for today. bus stop buddy, no more muggy the dog.
5:31 am
>> cool and fume if i to get started, in the 60s to begin, we will have seasonal temperatures all day long, with highs in the mid 80s, low humidity, can't think of a minus for today. so enjoy t ultimate doppler proves, no precipitation anywhere nearby in the entire northeast. 69 degrees, right now, with northerly breeze at 10 miles an hour, and it is that northerly breeze we have to thank for this comfortable weather. 58% relative humidity. and sunrise time 6:05 this morning. so, little over half hour for the official sunrise, as the days get little bit shorter. 60 degrees in allentown, 62 lancaster, 63 atlantic city, 63 degrees in dover, and in more muggies. yesterday high 82 degrees, you felt the change yesterday. and hopefully, you will love it today. eighty-five, very nice, mostly sunny, tonight, clear sky, and 62 degrees. that takes care of your thursday from the weather authority. caste? >> looking good, sue serio,
5:32 am
thanks very much. taking a look at the majors, things looking great. you have got that slight slow down on the turnpike if you are headed westbound toward northeast extension. you always have that one going on. headed out burlington bristol bridge still open, doing tests on local bridges this morning, that means closed to traffic. chris, kerry? >> 5:32 is the time. let's get to breaking news right now. woman is dead after a gruesome attack in drexel hill. and two boys are now missing after this incident. let's head out to fox's jennifer joyce live at the scene. good morning, jennifer. good morning, as we've been saying, chris, amber alert issued for the two boys, ages four and six, after their mother, a woman in her 30's, is found dead inside of second floor apartment, on the 200 block of abby terrace here in drexel hill. police are looking for this man, the woman's hulls, 31 year old keith bellajonas, police say the man took off with two children. these boys, ages four and six, sometime around 2:30 this morning. police think the man is
5:33 am
traveling in a dark gray 2006 nissan pathfinder, with pennsylvania plates, jdh-7477. police say the man is wanted in connection to his wife's death. the woman suffered a gunshot wounds to the head and possible stab wounds, police are explaining what they're hearing from neighbors at this point. >> one of the occupants of the building heard the struggle, heard the shot, next thing you know, he hears a guy coming down with two little kids, we believe the ages of the kid are four to six, five and six, two little boys. one of the children states his mommy dead, mommy dead. out the door they go. >> reporter: so here is a picture they are looking for, keith bellajonas, apparently on the run, two young boys, traveling in dark gray nissan
5:34 am
path finder pennsylvania plates: ydh7477. still very active scene out here. but, still not too many neighbors out here, many people still asleep, unaware every waist going on. we did talk to one man off camera who believes he the couple lived here for about a year, pretty much kept to themselves. kerrey, chris? >> we'll cross our fingers praying for those kids right now. jennifer, thank you. 5:34 right now. philadelphia police investigating two over night shootings, one man rushed to the hospital, after being shot in the city's hunting park neighborhood. that will shooting happened a little after 11:00 last night. near fourth and west wingohocking streets. victim shot in the stomach. no word on his condition. police only have limited information about the shooter. now, the second shooting happened in the city's cobbs creek neighborhood. police got that call a little bit before 1:00 this morning, arrived on the scene at the 5800 block of hatfield street. they say a 19 year old man was shot in each thigh. he was last reported in stable
5:35 am
condition. the shooter in this case also not arrested. and in camden, we now know that a fire engulfed three separate row homes. police called around 1:30 this morning, it is unclear whether anyone was inside when it broke out, hearing no injuries reported, hopefully not. no word on the fire's cause. >> 5:35 the time. happening today body of two star general killed in afghanistan will be flown to the dover air force base today. major general harold greene died tuesday in attack on military base near kobul. investigators say man dressed in a afghan army uniform opened fire on the compound. fifteen other people including americans were hurt. green's body arrives in dover around 7:30 this morning. during his career, green and his family lived in carlisle, pennsylvania, his former neighbors say he was a big supporter of the community. >> great soldier, we shared college time, shared neighborhood time, and we got
5:36 am
to know him in the year harry was here, wife and kids stayed on as neighbors, kids went to the high school. so very much part of the community. >> green as family left carlisle area shortly after his daughter graduated from high school. he's the second highest ranking officer to die in combat since 1970. >> 5:36 right now. future of sprays exploration for americans is right here. we'll give you sneak peak at this spacecraft. tell you what it is all about next. kacie? >> this couple just got engaged. so naturally they're real excited. how a penn wynn made the proposal different than one you have ever seen before. he let the woman know he was definitely the woman. that in the trends.
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>> orbiting around the comet for the first time, now will start the process of determine ago landing site. scientists calling it a landmark stage in the decades long space mission. they're hoping it will help unlock some of the secrets of the solar system. >> today is the beginning of the real science mission, because now we can start actually measuring things, really analyzing this, finding out what the history is, where it has been in the solar system, what it is made of. >> spacecraft will now stay in orbit with the comet until november.
5:40 am
that's when it will attempt another landing, another first, i should say, landing a probe on the surface. >> nasa testing new spacecraft, hoping it will take astronaunts to mars and even further. >> this is the o license ryan, navy helped out by testing re-entry, which includes of spark into into the pacific with navy ship scooping it up. oryan's manager said they flood the inside of the deck in order to pull the capsule in, after it is to has landed safely in the water. after that they drain the deck, astronaunts can walk out safely. first launch take place december 4th. >> just about 5:40 right now. we take beautiful look at the lake in the pocono mountains. a serene day, all of that yucky weather first part of the week is out of here. looking on to the future. >> really been extraordinary summer. we get our heat, humidity, it gets little yucky couple every days then we get day like today, which is glorious.
5:41 am
it is delightful. see we had the 84 degrees monday, tuesday we got up to 90, but yesterday, only 82, we had some clouds, we start to get the nor westerly breezes in, delightful this morning. 69 degrees, in the city, 62 in lancaster, 51 in mount pocono, nice cool temperatures there. 66 degrees, down in wildwood. and the dew points, you know, we watch them very closely in the summertime. well, look at them, mostly mid 50's, 06 degrees dew point in wilmington, 48 degrees dew points up in the mountains, well, 50 is invigorating. fifty-five is pleasant, so definitely in the comfortable range in our measure of moisture. and today, we are headed to high temperature of 85 degrees, we've got eight a for tomorrow, saturday, three ten's in a row, enjoy it, and even the second half of the weekends looks good. now, probably have some extra clouds, on sunday, which will keep the temperatures maybe few degrees cooler, but no big deal. we do not expect -- we expect no big heat monday.
5:42 am
and chance of thunderstorms on tuesday, and wednesday, which is right on schedule the way this summer has been going. caste? >> thank you, sue serio. all right, checking on this accidents from earlier, still sticking with us local salford, has list ville pike, downed pole, downed wires, peco on the scene, police and fire crews directing traffic. not good situation at all. ladies road or hoffman road, good alternates. aside from that, headed out on the majors, smooth sailing this morning. two african lions are safe and sounds this morning. but they had to be rescued after being abandoned, in a large cage. what they were left near that has environmentalists shaking their heads this morning.
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>> baseball team worse than them, houston astros, real easy last night. going to the ballpark, phillies up five-two in the fourth. chase utley two on, 75 games, three run homer, phillies go onto win ten-three. would you believe david buchanon, leading pitcher with six. and the eagles lead today -- leave, ten to 15 place, that far chip kim i said don't worry about the depth charts. serious lip, the depth chart, i don't care. think i they're -- i mean, absolutely nothing. i know get questions, i'll be honest with you, i do not care, all that, i said it long time ago, written in sand, written in water it, can be written in anything, depth
5:46 am
chart means absolutely nothing. only reason we make one, because they tell us to make one. >> how do you write it in water? all right, today, pga championship, tiger woods saidel play. that's sports in a minute. and i'm howard eskin. fox 29's jennaphr frederick goes to bat for the police athletic league. >> this is at the 36 annual pal night at the phillies, last night, local media got to participate in softball game right before the phillies game. helps with self esteem, ambitious, all kind of activities in the region. >> need little help? >> little bit. >> 5:46 right now. people in australia, banding together to use all of their might to rescue a passenger trapped in a train station, it happened in perth. i'll telling you, you want to see this video. officials say the man slipped as getting on the train, then he fell into the gap between the platform and the car. so, all of them combined
5:47 am
manage to tilt this car, enough, to free his leg that was stuck. a passenger left on the platform, flag down help. that help, as you see, clearly poured in. a spokesman for the railway says essay maze dollars by the response of the passengers, and the staff. >> push the train back to someone in a bit of trouble, could risk serious injury. really nice, it is unusual, but it is great when it happens. >> so cool. fortunately, he wasn't hurt. he even caught the next train out. and he probably looked a little bit closer toes where he was stepping. >> so friendly there in australia. pulling together. a lesson from real life heroes for kids at the academy of natural sciences, local bravest and finest, yesterday, for police and firefighters appreciation day. this is a big deal for the little ones, who rubs elbows with the philadelphia highway patrol, got an up close look at the swat armor vehicle known as the bear.
5:48 am
authorities also gave parents and kids few lessons on how families can prepare for emergencies. >> 5:48. two african lions left abandoned and injured, being care for now at mexican zoo. authorities found the lions locked in cage with their clause ripped out in the jungle had no food or water. environmental protection agencies, believes the lions were left behind by a circus. >> that's awful. >> it is. >> my gosh. 5:48. pittsburgh man pops the question with the help after penguin. >> no, weren't any tears. >> tears when crosby comes down? >> he always cries, he is little cry baby. let's get back to love and marriage, okay, chris murphy. >> sorry, thinking flyers. >> so i love the flyers. so when proposed firm go friends casey one of the first dates, halling halloween party, the two dressed like penguin, running theme
5:49 am
throughout the the relationship ever since. >> oh, my god! ♪ >> oh, my god! >> from the beginning i knew you were totally different than any other girly met. >> oh! >> everything about you, everything, your personality really inspired me. and i fell in love with you right off the bat. you really changed my life. i've changed inside and out. and i cannot wait to start a family with you, grow old with you, and do everything with you. so will you give me the honor and spend your life with me and marry me?
5:50 am
>> oh! >> all right, chris, control yourself. >> the ring was tide around the penguins' neck. >> oh, gosh, look at it. >> it is like thank goodness. >> please! >> you say don't do it, don't do it. >> maybe it was a really big ring? mitch reached out to the pittsburgh zoo to help make the proposal happen. sent his bride a letter saying she had won a contest, so she wasn't suspicious at all. >> you are saying as a woman, just keep it simple. don't overdo it? >> i don't want a camera there. i don't want another human being there. i don't want another animal there. i don't want a bottle of catsup. i don't want anything there. just do it. >> just do it? >> just do it. i don't need a paragraph either. (laughing). >> all right? eagles president don is saying during a interview, well, he said yesterday during a interview, that the team has at least considered going back to the old kelly green uniforms. i'm a proponent, want to know what you think, though, should the team switch back to kelly
5:51 am
green, tweet us using the hashtag fox 29 kelly green. first pre-season game tomorrow. have to get on that. >> they have a coach kelly. perfect. >> my goodness, 5:51 right now, so we want to take you to the philadelphia zoo this morning, that's our penguin, we would like to wish very special hippo a very happy birthday. two penguin you see here are cindy and una. will be on exhibit at the zoo throughout the weaken. un's 25th birthday today. zoo will give her special treats in her african planes exhibit that she shares with cindy. and una zoo guest, happy birth. >> i 5:51 the time. what do you think, sue, back it the kelly green eagles? >> you know, now that i'm used to the new look blew-green, i don't know. i don't know. it doesn't matter to me. >> as long as they win? >> as long as they win, thank you. you know what? we've got winning forecast for you for today. how is that for a segway? cooler start. temperatures in the 60s, just about everywhere. but if they're in the poconos,
5:52 am
in the 50's. really nice and cool. mostly sunny, 78 degrees, by lunchtime. topping off today at around 85, which is seasonable for this time of year. sunset time 8:08. we like it, kacie, but what about traffic? >> we like t we do have some construction, sue serio, westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike, it is always a normal culprit every single morning, whether it is regular, right and left rained block, just approaching ft. washington, they will all the way up to the northeast extension, aside from that things look great elsewhere. >> thank you, a 52:00 right now. there is no monkeying around at the wikipedia headquarters. why this photo is not allowed to be used on their site.
5:53 am
oh, no you can't open that. please choose one based on the cover. here we go... woah! no test rides allowed. i can't show you the inside, but... trust me. are you kidding me? at university of phoenix, we think you should try before you buy. that's why we offer many first time students with limited to no college experience a risk free period. so you can commit to your education with confidence. get started at
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5:55 am
>> welcome back, kansas police detective walked to up his car on his 50th birthday and found it completely covered in sticky notes. no one is taking credit for the prank, but detective stewart little says, ya, he had it coming. >> i deserve this. i've always been a guy that stirs the pot in the unit. >> all right, so it is coming back to him. you know what they say pack back about that. says the prankster, he had it coming. >> hey, looks like somebody cut the cheese. more than 1500 pounds every indianna cheese car moved a
5:56 am
giant sculpture. cheese display was remember developed during the indianna state fair, in indianapolis, on wednesday, yesterday, part of the fuel up to play program which encores and young people to eat healthy and exercise. it took more than 200 hours to create this masterpiece, and yes, the sculptures were able to eat how they worked. these monkey selfies, caught up in a battle between a photographer and a wikipedia. took series of pictures every monkeys in inch dough media. -- indonesia. he said these monkeys commandeered his equipment and took couple of selfies. wikipedia said because slater isn't the one who took the pictures himself, he owns the kim, he doesn't own the copyright. so can't post them i guess. >> going to steve keeley live this morning with new developments on the mother found dead in a local park. steve, good morning. >> reporter: yes, our second day outside police headquarters where they still don't have all of the answers like no motive, no murder suspect, plenty every
5:57 am
something else to help get those answers. 20,000 bucks reward, philadelphia ace offering for anybody who knows any reason why or any american would want well liked 46 year old northeast philadelphia mother dead. spokesperson: get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card
5:58 am
with a new volkswagen turbo. why are we so obsessed with turbo? because we like giving you power,
5:59 am
but we also like giving you fuel efficiency. like the sporty jetta. and the turbocharged passat tdi® clean diesel. okay.. and the iconic beetle... and the powerful tiguan... okay you can't forget the cc... guys, this is going to take a while. avo: hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card when you purchase or lease a new 2014 turbo model. live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. good morning, we're following developing story, from overnight, a woman, killed in her drexel hill home. her children, two of them, taken. we're liver with the latest police investigation. the body of an army major
6:00 am
general, is flying back to the united states, and is expected to lands in delaware this morning. how those who knew him are remembering him this morning. racing for two hurricanes, why these storms are so historic. >> really nice, it is unusual, but it is great with it happens. >> and amazing act of humanity. the video you have to see this morning, why all of these people are pushing on this train car. and good day everyone, it is thursday, august 7th, 2014. >> we've got a lot to get to. following top stories, jennifer joyce obviously live in drexel hill, police continue to search for the person who killed their mother and took two young children, amber alert issued this morning, also, steve keeley following up up on jogger at a popular philadelphia park. but first checking in with sue serio for your weather on


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